We do not choose our relatives, but this is not to say they are not chosen. Any study of creation will reveal facets of the Creator. When we look upon the sky, we behold a magnificence beyond the understanding of our most sophisticated scientists; yet, even the primitive savage perceives an awesome splendor which can only be divinely inspired. What is "Astrology", but confusion of the creation, with the Creator?

Those of us who pursue the records of our ancestry become aware of a continuing relationship between our family and God. There is no describing the titillation we feel when we uncover a revealing glimpse of this relationship. While all may appreciate the miracle of a newborn babe, we students of the extended family are privy to a special perspective upon the face of God! We are bidden to judge by the fruits, and we embrace this, remembering that He is able to raise up children of Abraham, even of these stones!

Carl E. Porter

 The Alkire Family of  West Virginia , Early Relationships