Other Alkire Researchers, & ways to get hold of them.


Antoinette Waughtel Sorenson "Antoinette" researching most any Alkire, but focused on Rev. John & Susan's line.

Erma Jean Loveland "Erma Jean" researching Michael & Dolley's line.

Scott Alkire " Scott" researching William, Harmonas, then Isaac's line.

Jackie Bargdill (Trego) "Jackie" researching, &being a -great help- w/ Hornbecks, & others.

Dr. Wilbur Kerns "Dr Kerns" researching Peter Alkire's line in W.Va.

Carl English Porter "Carl" researching -ALL- Alkires, old & new.

Al McReynolds " Al " researching most any MO. Alkires'.

Carlene Pagliera " Carlene " researching Elijah R. Alkire; Mo. & Ca. Alkire's.

Dennis Nicklaus "Dennis " researching onlyJames Denton Alkire & Ruth Matthews line.

& Ruth & James' page

Claudia Alkire " Claudia " researching Elder Johns' line thru Leonard.

Linda Myers " Linda " researching Michael Alkire & Elizabeth Shobe, WV, MO.

Cole Shoaf " Cole " researching,(as we all are) Harmonas, the Immigrant.

Richard Alkire Bowman "  Rich " researching Meigs Co., Ohio Alkires, from 1833 Hiram Alkire &
                                                                                     wife Rebecca Jane Stanley.

Pam Zeirott "  Pam  " researching Michael, William M., Alexander, then Abraham Lincoln.

James Remer "  Jim " researching Elder John, Leonard, then David Arthur.

Peggy (Rose) Bane " Peggy " researching Michael Alkire & Elizabeth Shobe, WV, MO.

Sharon Rippetoe " Sharon " researching Isaac Newton Alkire, s/o Michael Stump Alkire & Margaret Darst, MO.

Sandi Alkire " Sandi " researching the Alkire line et al, since 1980.

Andrea Ware " Andrea " researching Rev. John's line, then daughters Sarah, & Elizabeth.

Leanna Eversmayer " Leanna " researching into the Mitts line, via Elizabeth Alkire & Adam Mitts.

Margaret Hohimer " Margaret " researching Rev. John's line, Pitt's, & Whipp's.

Jim Campbell Parker " Jim Parker " researching Charles Pete Alkire thru dtr Mary Della Alkire, as well as Elizabeth Ann Alkire, d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Caroline (NEFF) Alkire.

Virginia Parker " Virginia " researching Jonathan & Elizabeth Caroline (Neff) Alkire, & son John Henry Clay Alkire

Laneya Rino " Laneya " researching Maggie Delia Alkire & husband Charles Franklin Rakestraw, & related lines.

Claudia Hughes " Claudia " researching Eliza Alkire White, m. to Jacob White, dau. of Emmanuel Alkire.

Pickaway County Historical Society: (=GREAT= folks) P.O. Box 85, Circleville, Ohio, 43113-0085

Thad F. Connally, Jr. MD. " Thad " researching William Alkire & Elizabeth Moore.

Victoria White " Victoria " researching -ALL- Alkires, but looking mostly @ Pickaway Cty, O. ones.)

Grace Ellen Parker Anderson 5062 Bridgeport Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43220 researching Adam's line.


If you would like to be added to this list, please contact me at "admin@alkire.org",and let me know which line you are researching. Thanks.