Hampshire County, Virginia records

Colonial War Period

These records came from a compilation transcribed & assembled by Janice Abercrombie and Richard Slatten, in which they combed the records of Hampshire County, Va., in search of payments made to "Loyalists", who aided the Revolutionary Army by supplying various items that were needed for the war effort. These all came from the Hampshire County Court Booklet, & are identified by page number. The sheer volume of related lines that are apparent here is staggering, & will aid us in determining "who was where when". Check it out, & see what you find!!!

As a small help, the money is set up this way: "L" = pound, and the number like "L45-10-5" would be 45 pounds, 10 schillings, & 5 pence. The rate of exchange then was roughly $120=L36, or $3.33 per Pound.

Pg. 1 At a court continued & held for Hampshire County the 15th day of May 1782. The Court proceeded to receive and certify public claims for impressments &c agreeable to a late act of assembly as follows viz:

Joseph Vanmeter Beef 1875# L19-10-7

Garret Vanmeter Beef 1237# L12-17-8; 703# bacon

Abraham Hite Beef 106# L1-6-6

Jonathan Chinewarth Beef 25# 6s-3 (Does this look like a misspelled Chenaworth to anybody else?)

Joseph Vanmeter Beef 1062# L11-1-3

Solomon Vanmeter Beef 418# L4-7-1

Jacob Harness for 65 days waggonage with Hampshire Militia L39

Pg. 2)

Felix Seymour beef for prisoners at the barracks at Winchester 800# L10

Prior Robey beef 280# L3-10

John Harness beef 600# L7-10

Michael Stump beef 300# L3-15

Henry Carr beef 250# L3-2-6

Rudolph Shobe beef 250# L3-2-6

Martin Shobe beef 350# L4-7-6

Charles Lynch beef 270# L3-7-6

Leonard Stump beef 375# L4-13-9

Moses Hutton beef 280# L3-10

Jesse Cuningham beef 225# L2-16-3

Michael Lee beef 350# L4-7-6

George Harness beef 500# L6-5

Michael Harness beef 621# L7-15-3

George Stump beef 260# L3-5

Abraham Inskeep beef 720# L9

Pg. 3)

Christopher Ermantrout beef 700# L8-15

John Westfall beef 800# L10

William Robey 44 days collg. & drvg. cattle L6-12

William Renick 44 days do. (ditto?) L6-12

John Craig 44 days do. L6-12

Henry Lander 32 days do. L4-16

Robert Travis's heirs 313 gal. whiskey L46-19

Michael Stump pasturing & publick cattle L1-2

William Vause keeping & feeding cattle 2 mos. L6-19

George Nixon forage for cattle & drivers L1-1-9

Thomas Seymour 1 sack salt for militia L1-5-6

Richard Bodkin 200# Flour & cask L1-1-6

Pg. 4)

George Stump 1/2 bu of salt for militia marching to Carolina L1-4

George Yoakum 1 blanket 12s

John Rorebaugh pasturage & corn 10s-6

George Stump 1 bag 4s-6

Martin Shobe 48 days waggonage in Oct 1781 as per certificate of Major Wood Jones


Richard Seymour 48 days do. L28-16

Henry Kuykendall 1 wagon & team impressed by Major Charles Magill DQMG & apprd.


David Welton for do. L77

Pg. 5)

Michael Stump provisions for cattle drivers 11s-4

William Buffington 2 beeves for militia marching to York, Sept. 1781 L11-14-4

Catherine Forman 1 sheep for do. L1

Abraham Westfall 11 days waggonage in removing British sick to Fredricksburg L6-12

Nicholas Sholl 11 days do. L6-12

Leonard Heir 1 bag 4s-6

Martin Shobe 1 do. 4s-6

Christopher Ermentrout 1 do. 4s-6

William Welton flour & salt L1-1

Jacob Boggard 10 days horse hire militia 10s


Garret Vanmeter 1/2 bu salt L1-4

Abraham Kuykendall 647# flour L3-4-8

Isaac Vanmeter corn & hay 2s-9

Robert Pugh 1 beef L5-10

Thomas Parsons 1 sheep 15s

The above are all for Continental purposes.

"The following claims are on account of the State of Virginia being certificates granted by sundry officers of the militia of Shanandoah, Frederick, Berkeley & Hampshire who were employed in May and June 1781 to suppress an insurrection in the sd. county of Hampshire."

Leonard Heir oats & pasturage L4-9

Joseph Nevill salt mutton & pasturage L1-4-9

Michael Stump hay, pasturage & corn L5-1-2

Pg. 7)

George Osburn 10# flour 1s, provisions & pasturage L3-3

John Claypole 50 bu corn L5

James Claypole provisions L1-3-4

Michael Haun 66# mutton 16s-6

Leonard Stump provisions & forage 8s-8

George Stump do 17s-6

Michael Stump do 5s

John Rennick do L1-11-4

James Largent 4 bu corn 8s

Henry Lansisks provisions & forage L1-2-6

William House do 7s-8

John Campbell 6 diets 4s

Henry Fry Provisions & forage L1-12-8

Nicolas Casey do L2-9-6

Leonard Heir do L2-9-6

Adam Hainess 14# bacon 7s

Isaac Miller 15# bacon 7s-6

Thomas McCartey 4 days waggonage L2-8, meat & salt 12s-6

Pg. 8)

Isaac Vanmeter provisions 11s-6

William Millburn do 2s-9

William Warden do 5s-8

Nicolas Casey do 7s

Pg. 9)

Garret Blue 3 days waggonage L1-16

James Cubberly 3 pecks corn 1s-6

Moses Hutton 10 days horse hire 10s

Nathaniel Parker 9 days horse hire 9s

"At a court continued & held for Hampshire County 15 August 1782. Sundry public claims for impressments &c were presented in court as follows viz:"

Pg. 15)

William Blackburn 160# beef L2

James Blue 3 diets 2s-3

Jacob Clutter 100 horses pasturage L1-13-4

William Blackburn 1 kettle 3s-10

William Porter 42 days horse hire L5-5

Adam Hider 1 beef 320# L4

John Johnson 193# beef L3-4-4

Jacob Earsom 25 days waggonage, out of which is to be taken 1 pr. horse shoes. L13-12

Pg. 16)

John Kimble 1 gun lost in suppressing Tories L2

John Kay 9/16 gallon whiskey

Samuel Hornback 350# beef L4-7-6

John Blue 4 day horse hire 10s

Robert Shanklin 14 pair horse shoes L2-2

Jonathan Heath assne of David Crow 50# flour

Michael See 1 bag & flour 15s

David Lilly (for Mary Hornback) 1 bag & flour 13s

Henry Morsh 1 bag & flour 12s

Abraham Stookey 55 days waggonage L30-5

George Reed do L30-5

Jacob Harness do L30-5

Leonard Shobe do L30-5

Samuel Hornback do L30-5

Pg. 20) "At a court held for Hampshire County 9 Sept. 1783, Publick Claims."

John Foreman for a gun lost L10-15; 40 days horse hire

Abraham Hite 6 bales hay 9p

Jacob Vanmeter 1200# beef L15; 150# hay for 10 cattle 9s-6

Pg. 21)

Daniel Pugh assne. of John Williamson, for 219# flour L1-1-11

Stephen Ruddell Gent. for a mare in McAfees Brigade L2-10

Jacob Chrisman for a horse in McAfees Brigade L8-10-8

Henry Keykundold 3 beaves 1000# L15-12-6

Robert Forgusson commissary sundries L2-19-8

Lewis Rush 70# flour 7s-7

Benjamin Bogard Horse lost in Laynes Brigade L3-6

Philip Yoakum beef 350# L4-7-6

Thomas Holoback blanket 6p

Henry Keykundall for 55 days as a waggoner L5-10

Catherine Keykundall ext. of Abraham Keykundall by her acct. L21-5

Pg. 22) "at a Court continued & held for Hampshire county 10 Sept. 1783, Publick claims."

David Coddy 10# bacon 7s-6

Thomas Davis 50# hay 1s-6

Thomas Fairly 1 hog L4

George Muse (Meese?) ferriages 21 horses & 3 men 5s-3; a rifle gun, L2-16-8

Simon Taylor 25# beef 6s-3

Henry Lancisco 13 rations 19s-9; 1 bu corn 2s

John Hoffman 200 bu corn L20

Benjamin Hoffman 122 bu corn L12-4

Nicolas Casey pastuage of cattle 79 days L1-3-4

Pg. 23) "At a court held for Hampshire County 12 August 1783. Public claims."

James Hornback 55 days waggonage L30-5

Matthias Brandenburg for a blanket L1

Edward Ratcliff for a gun impressed as by judgement obtained against him L6-5

Abraham Blue 100# flour & cask 11s-6

From the Hampshire Lists

Pg. 2) List of public claims made by Wm. Johnson, & Abel Randall, commissioners for the assembly of Feb 15, 1781.

David Davis beef in Oct 1780; L303-8

Nicolas Casey beef in Oct 1780; L270

William Powel his acct. Sept. 1780; L18

Joseph Hall Flour in Jan. 1781; L336

Edward McCarthy Flour Oct.; L408

Garret Vanmeter his acct., Oct. 1780; L60

Garret Vanmeter his acct. Nov. 1780; L45

Pg. 3)

Peter Yeater flour in Feb. 1781; L11-10

Henry Naff flour in Feb. 1781; L53-10

Peter Umstad flour in Feb. 1781; L47-10

Peter New flour in Feb. 1781; L317

John Pearsall flour in Feb. 1781; L106

John Kent flour in Feb. 1781; L107

Pg. 6) "A return of all the certificates & receipts given by me T. Dominik Kayser, Commissioner for the Hampshire Militia marching to Hillsbourgh under command of Capt. Daniel Richardson."

James Blue diets for 3 men L10-16

Jacob Bogard 1 Horse 10 days L36

Daniel Richardson 1 Dutch Oven, praised by Daniel Neal & Munday Mars L28

William Blackburn 1 Kettle, praised by do. L14

Thomas McCarthy 1 Bagg praised by Munday Mars & Saml. Watkins L18

George Stump 1 Bag praised by do. L14

Henry Munday Mars 2 bu oats, pasture for 2 horses L24

Bernard Mayers 3 1/2 bu corn L24

George Stump 1/2 bu salt L60

Alexander Gibbony shoes & shoeing 2 horses L30

George Yoakum 1 Iron pot praised by Peter Cutrack & Danl. Ashby L36

John Rohrback 1 bu, 1 peck corn, 2 nights past. for 5 horses. L17-15

(Just a personal observation, but doesn't it seem as though the prices here are higher then the rest have been?) Ian

Pg. 13) " an account of certificates granted by Abel Randall one of the commissioners of Hampshire County 1780 & 1781 for provisions &c under the act of assembly for procuring a supply of provisions &c."

Thomas McCarthy for beef L1214-4, for do. L101-14

William Johnson for beef L400-0

William Vause for 534# flour & 2 casks L28

Abraham Inskeep for 812# flour & 3 casks L427-12

Daniel McNeil 565# flour L282-10

Abraham Hite 1003# flour & 4 casks L525-10

Garret Vanmeter 774# flour & 4 casks L411

Abraham Clack 140# flour L70

Martin Shobe 390# flour L195

Abraham Hite 2 bu oats 10s-2

Isaac Vanmeter 216/3 flour & 1 cask L124

John Wilson 200# flour L100

George See 968# flour & 2 barrels L502

Pg. 16) "Hampshire County April 20, 1781. An account of certificates by me given since an account."

Aaron Hogg for 108# flour

Henry Steel 207# flour

Isaac Hutton 80# flour

Thomas Brown 50# flour

Simon Hornback 175# flour, 1 cask

Moses Hutton 1082# flour, 5 casks

John Harness 1148# flour, 5 casks

John Yoakum 215# flour, 1 cask

George Weaver 50# flour

George Lower 52# flour

Samuel Bonnet 93# flour, 1 cask

Michael Hornback 106# flour

Adam Hider 365# flour, 2 cask

Daniel Tevaback 660# flour, 3 cask

Henry Mars 100# flour, 1 cask

John Wilson 1080# flour

Charles Lynch 202# flour, 1 cask

John Wilson 319# flour

Thomas Parsons 526# flour

Robert Porter 130# flour, 1 cask

Christopher Armantrout 400# flour, 2 cask

Leonard Hire Junior 202# flour, 1 cask

Martin Shobe 966# flour, 5 cask

David Crow 50# flour

Rudalph Shobe 322# flour, 2 cask

Jese Cunningham 350# flour, 3 cask

Pg. 17)

Henry Lancisco 100# flour

Christopher Hufman 288# flour

Henry Rodabough 52# flour

Robert Maxwell 100# flour

David Reel 9 cask

Job Welton 904# flour, 5 cask

Felts Power 419# flour, 2 cask

Rudalph Hire 184# flour, 1 cask

Henry Busard 100# flour

Henry Rule 94# flour, 1 cask

Israel Ward 227# flour, 1 cask

Henry Green 19# flour

Henry March 398# flour, 2 cask

James Parsons 1152# flour, 5 cask

Cornelius Westfall 236# flour, 2 cask

Isaac Miller 406# flour, 2 cask

Richard Shanklin 263# flour, 2 cask

Elizabeth Reed 447# flour, 2 cask

Isaac Hornback 706# flour, 2 cask

Elizabeth Yoakam 218# flour, 1 cask

Manis Alkire 100# flour, 2 cask

Abraham Hornback 213# flour, 1 cask

John Westfall 452# flour, 2 cask

Rosy Long 161# flour, 1 cask

Andrew Pancake 195# flour, 2 cask

George Shade 130# flour

Pg. 18)

Jacob Tucker 184# flour, 1 cask

James Brown 120# flour

Manis Alkire 136# flour, 6 cask

Sylvester Ward 431# flour, 2 cask

Conrad More 205# flour, 2 cask

John Cutrack 52# flour

Michael Wease 80# flour

John Moure 97# flour

Anthony More 190# flour, 1 cask

Michael Wease 60# flour

Richard Bodkin 200# flour, 1 cask

George Stump 329# flour, 2 cask

George Knave 192# flour, 1 cask

Alexander Randall 1 1/2 days work of his waggon & team at 50# tobacco per day.

"Hampshire Co. to wit: The above is a true & just account of what certificates I have granted since my former return. The flour at 50 pounds per hundred & the casks at 6 pounds each. Abel Randall, Comr. PL"

Small history note: these certificates were a Virginia Revolutionary note, printed in denominations of $10 to $2,000, authorized by an act of the Virginia Assembly. The last (and 15th set) was printed on May 7, 1781. Six months later, they were called in at a redemption of $1 specie for $1,000 in bills, and all Virginia notes were to become worthless by October 1, 1794.