Part II: Onward from Kentucky

Jo Ann has now (2006) published "Part II: Onward from Kentucky" of her Alkire history. Part II follows the Alkires from Kentucky to Ohio and thence westward and concludes with the Civil War. She researched the male line of the Alkires through many of the battles of the Civil War.
As in Part I she sets the story of the Alkires within its historical setting: the westward moving frontieer; the changing nature of the country as it moved from a subsistence economy to a more modern one; the conflicts that erupted over land and something of the daily life of the people. There is a chapter about the War of 1812 and the Alkires who served in state militias. For those who have read Part I she sets the record straight on the Alkire land in Kentucky. Maps and some documents are included. If you would like a copy send $20.00 to Jo Ann Roland; 4601 North Park Avenue #219; Chevy Chase,MD 20815. If you have questions her e-mail is